A walnut

The Celts have given the walnut tree a particularly long period of time in their calendar, as it is symbolic of the time of blossoming (the period between blossoming and withering), passion and attentiveness. It is also a sign of the search for the eternal, the imperishable and the enduring.

General qualities

Walnut trees are considered to be extremely strange, are full of different facets and have an indomitable character. You cannot call them ordinary people, even if there is a soft kernel behind the hard shell, because their reactions are often unpredictable and spontaneous.


Walnut-born children often appear outwardly aggressive, selfish and persistent, even if they are equally noble-minded and endowed with a particularly high intellectual capacity. He often reacts spontaneously and unexpectedly, is always ambitious to the end and reliably keeps his promises.

Unfortunately, his lack of adaptability and his stubbornness do not make him a simple and easy-care person. Nevertheless, a walnut always remains true to himself and, although not always very popular with his fellow men, he is admired and taken seriously as an authoritarian person.

Already at a young age, the promotion of positive qualities is particularly important, which is why they need a harmonious as well as peaceful environment in order to be able to optimally develop their powers.

Profession & Education

Walnut trees have always had a great interest in countless things. Throughout their lives they explore the answers to desire, love, gain, loss, pain and emotion. On the one hand admired for his great wisdom, others simply consider him a "smart-ass" and know-it-all.

He almost never seems to rest and also keeps his fellow men on their toes. It is only in higher positions that his strategic thinking and versatile intelligence come into their own. However, he always achieves his professional goals with a lot of diligence and eagerness, because he does not attach importance to the gift of fame.

The Walnut-born are said to have a great willingness to sacrifice and depth. No matter what they do, they do it extremely thoroughly and with great care. An actual job is done as quickly as possible and almost perfectly.

Love & Family

Even though the walnut tree is very passionate, it often goes down in jealousy. Even if he is a strange and not easy partner who cannot compromise, I can be sure of his love, which goes beyond death.

Whoever wants to get involved with a walnut tree experiences both positive and negative surprises. With him you don't always reap only bad things, but in the end it can also end well.


Walnut-born children should pay particular attention to the neck, nose, shoulders, mouth, throat and oesophagus, as these are particularly sensitive.

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