A oak tree

The oak is one of the few tree signs to which only one day of the year is assigned. Thus, all people born on 21.03. are counted among the more robust trees: the oaks.

The Celts also called the oaks "dair", from which the term "druid" had been derived over time. In his time the druids had cut the holy acorn mistletoe with golden sickles once a year.

General qualities

An oak tree is full of vitality, is beautiful and is also almost unbreakable. It has always been a symbol of the elemental force of life.

Apart from strength and power, they also count great courage as one of their special qualities, which they did not use overconfidently. They are fully aware of the danger at every moment and yet they master every situation with proud bravery.


With their strong and indomitable nature, they harvest resentment and discomfort. Oak-born are nevertheless very tolerant and respect the world view and freedom of their fellow men.

As hosts they are always very obliging and their fellow men feel well treated. However, Oak does not like to be put under pressure because she is independent. Such a dominant and powerful person is unfortunately not always blessed with friends.

Love & Family

Female Oaks almost never need a shoulder to lean on, as they are the stronger part of the partnership in every respect. Be it physical or psychological. Not without reason they are considered to be dignified and stable people.

In their youth, Oaks often see through "rose-coloured glasses" and constantly fall in love at "first sight". Each time she firmly believes that she has found the one true love, even if this is not the case. It is only later in old age that the oak recognises this fallacy and allows reason to prevail when choosing a partner.

Those who are as consistent as Oak Births are not very good at dealing with change. Not exactly equipped with little intelligence, they are rock solid in life.

Profession & Education

Oaks concentrate fully on their work and let their actions speak rather than words. But she can also act intuitively. Even at an advanced age, the will of an oak is unbending and its stamina enormous. While for others the motto "After me the deluge" counts, an oak finishes everything before it leaves.


The health of oak-born babies is desirable, fortunately, as they refuse visits to doctors, medication and any kind of weakness. The saying "Strong as an oak" does not exist without reason. Only the sight of blood can bring her weakness to her knees.

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