A maple

The maple was considered by the Celts as a "tree of individuality and thoughtfulness". They saw it as a symbol of the great wide universe and attributed it a protective power.

General qualities

A maple-born person always stands out from the crowd by a uniqueness, no matter if in a positive or negative sense. Partly shy and reserved, partly however enormously ambitious, proud and self-loving, he always pushes himself to new adventures and experiences. He thirsts for the meaning of life all his life.


He always has a joking saying on his lips, is very convinced of himself and loves it when others talk about him. No flattery is enough for him, although he can even be modest when it matters. He can be as warm as he is rugged - the two sides of the coin.

The maple is a special individualist, who must be able to develop freely and unrestrictedly. They are not disturbed by the rules of society, as they can adapt them to their own values and norms.

As people who are enthusiastic about learning, they cannot show consideration for others when learning and improving skills, although they are anything but egocentric. They are rather accommodating and frank.

A maple should therefore be given sufficient freedom and not be resentful towards them. He will return the favour in return and will also help to realise dreams and ideas.

Profession & Education

Every genius has a quirk and so does the maple. Nevertheless, it is a multi-talent, which easily learns new things and looks out into the wide world with great interest and a critical eye.

Especially in the fields of technology and art he can quickly recognize the developmental tendencies and always keeps up with the times. He has a great enthusiasm for inventors who have not been held back by society and who stand behind their developments.

The maple trusts completely in his ability to think, without ignoring that one cannot always trust everything to him.

Love & Family

Relationship status: It is complicated - this is often the love life of the maple tree. A true master of showmanship, who likes to impose his will and whims on his partner. What he demands, he gladly gives back, as long as he can keep his freedom. Even if he is not always delicately strung, he leads a very exciting and varied life.


The maple is generally of a healthy nature, but more often complains of a general malaise. Nervously it is not very resilient.

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