A cypress

Cypresses prefer warm and sun-drenched locations, which is why the Celts like to call them the tree of "loyalty and resurrection". For the Celts the cypresses belonged more to the colder season and at its end as a ray of hope for brighter days.

The Italian cypress is probably the best known, whose particularly elegant growth was already highly valued by the Romans. Thanks to the milder ones, they helped it to spread as an evergreen tree over Europe and as far as England.

General qualities

Just like the trees in nature, the cypress-born love the sunlight. They constantly pursue their sense of freedom and clarity, while they like to determine their own way of life. Communication and logical thinking are very important to them.

Cypresses enjoy a very strong, solid and muscular body, which sometimes makes them look stocky. Thanks to their flexible character, cypresses do not have such a hard time in life and they can even cope with hard blows of fate. Also because of their ability to always find the healthy middle ground between positive and negative, cypress babies are considered to be quite tough when life is bumpy.

Cypresses need very little in themselves to be happy in life. They take life as it comes and make the best of every situation. Thanks to this optimistic attitude to life, cypresses stay young for a long time.


There are basically only two things that are particularly important to her: a good livelihood and a high level of recognition. Those born under the sign of the cypress avoid loneliness and always seek the closeness of family or friends. Despite a high opinion of themselves, they stand for equality and togetherness.

They can be very versatile, not particularly sentimental, but expressive in their feelings, which can sometimes come across as violent. Although she does not like discussions, she likes to express herself. So it inevitably happens that she gets into the centre of attention. She is a very special individual.

Love & Family

The love thirst of a cypress is impossible to quench. It is stormy, never satiated and very difficult to satisfy. However, it is a faithful soul and benevolent towards its partner.

Profession & Education

A cypress takes meticulous care to create a balance between work and pleasure. To do this, it uses its alert mind and its ability to reflect. Nevertheless, she will always have the feeling that something is missing in her life.

She still lives up to her title as the Tree of Resurrection, as many crises have to be overcome and changes have to be made. Some react to this with mockery and irony, while others are visionaries who stand up for the changes. Cypresses often earn their living as artists or freelancers.


Cypress-born babies hardly ever complain about diseases and enjoy a strong immune system.

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