An elm

For the Celts, the elm tree has always been a tree of trust and good disposition. It is also said to give strength to the body and soul.

General qualities

Especially because of the well-groomed and tastefully dressed exterior, the elms gain a lot of attention.

Born elm trees are considered to be above average intelligent, but are also practical and at least as humorous. They always plan their lives well in advance with a lot of common sense and always wisely exploit all possibilities that arise. Elm trees are regarded as radiant optimists who always pursue positive intentions with their actions, even on hard winter days.


Although the elm has rather modest demands, it sets your requirements very high. It tries not to make life difficult for your fellow human beings, but can be resentful.

Elm-born children suffer from the "helper syndrome" and are always happy to help with advice and support. Unfortunately, this helpfulness is often taken advantage of by others. They have a high sense of justice for which they also stand up for beyond their borders. One counts them rather to the loadable and social humans, to whom hostilities and aggressions are a foreign word. Accordingly, they can handle these characteristics with other people very badly.

Where there is light, there is also shadow and so it is with the elm-born, who like to be decisive and bossy. For others, this may often seem to be a know-it-all attitude. However, the elm can easily be forgiven, as this is never meant maliciously and it remains very noble-minded.

Profession & Education

Even at stressful times, the elm cannot get out of control. It remains controlled and yet cheerful, which is why it easily inspires the confidence of others. Especially at work, this is how she gains much recognition from her colleagues. In old age she shines with wisdom.

An elm likes to be the guiding thread and thus the born leader, also in the working world. Although she can also subordinate herself, she does not like to listen to others!

Love & Family

People born under the sign of the elm are counted among the loving partners who give loyalty and security. However, caution is advised, because elm trees quickly become jealous and take over the dominant role. But they have a great sense of family and are conscientious in fulfilling their obligations.


Although they appear very resistant and robust from the outside, they are very unstable and susceptible to diseases, which are almost never serious. Nevertheless, an elm should take care of your blood pressure, eyes and heart by always taking time for yourself and your own needs. If an elm feels overwhelmed and stressed, it quickly loses its cheerfulness and becomes prone to depression.

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