A poplar

For the Celts, the poplar was known as the "tree that reaches for the sky", which is characterised by its extremely rapid growth, which is why the upbringing of a poplar-born child is especially crucial during the first years. After the first few years, the previously soft core has become somewhat firmer.

General qualities

Poplars are considered to be good-looking people whose appearance can be enjoyed. They have a sense for decoration and do not seem to age.

Nevertheless, their appearance is rather uncertain. Only in the really important moments, she can summon up enough courage, even if it accompanies the feeling of being on the verge of the abyss.

Time plays an important role in the life of the poplar. It often weighs heavily on your shoulders and brings sometimes bad and sometimes good things.

The more practical poplar-born look at life from a sober point of view, while they approach everything with reason and deliberation.


Others often have a hard time with her, as she is very sensitive. She tends to see things sometimes more pessimistically, sometimes more enthusiastically than her fellow human beings and keeps her experiences and lessons learned to herself. She is always very grateful and generous, but not easy to deceive. She keeps an enormous distance from dishonest and deceitful people, because she disregards such behaviour.

They are regarded as pleasant and likeable contemporaries who are always open to new things. A good friendship is always cultivated by her, but she also needs a familiar place to retreat to.

Poplars tend to see things only in black and white after a short time, their need pushes them to protect themselves and their own goals.

Love & Family

Unfortunately, the poplar is a very fussy creature, which is why it often remains lonely, although it needs pleasant company and a benevolent environment. Therefore, it is a great challenge for them to get involved in a closer relationship. Although her restless heart is also capable of deep and powerful feelings, she can rarely find the fulfilment she longs for.

A separation during a partnership is an exceptional situation for Poplars. Her independence is gradually lost through the warmth and security of love, which she is only too happy to give back to her partner. However, the partner should have a healthy self-confidence.

Profession & Education

The beautiful poplars are blessed with a creative streak, are organizational talents and carry a philosophical heart. Reliability, even in difficult situations, is probably their most beautiful characteristic.

They know exactly what they want from life and achieve the desired goals thanks to their persevering determination. They are not afraid of new challenges. Instead, they find it surprisingly easy to familiarise themselves with new tasks and achieve success with them.


Poplar-born babies should pay special attention to their soul, skin and respiratory tract for their health.

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