Fig Tree / Ficus

A fig tree

In the Celtic horoscope the fig tree is considered the tree of sensitivity, warmth and the sun. More often than any other plant, the fig is mentioned in numerous Bible texts. The life of the fig-tree born is an interplay of light and shadow.

General qualities

Fig tree-born are strong but defiant personalities, in whom not everyone can find favour. They are considered sensitive and emotional, but they are not mimosas.

Fig trees are very humorous people who have a penchant for comfort and even sometimes for laziness. Nevertheless, they have solid ground under their feet and plan their lives with wise foresight, always towards their goals.


Driven by the most ardent desire for benevolence and confirmation, fig trees can become self-pitying and tearful when they are not fulfilled. Especially the young fig tree born need a great deal of affirmation and protection in order to develop well later on.

Usually stuck in their opinion, they stick to their judgement and do not allow any objections. This makes living with their fellow human beings much more difficult for them, and in case of doubt, even holds them down if they object. Her behaviour therefore does not particularly contribute to making life easier.

Love & Family

Fig trees thrive especially in the circle of her loving family and burden her with a beautiful life, which she loves so much. In general she wishes to be always surrounded by loving people. Especially children are dear to her heart and she has a tender hand for animals.

Unfortunately it is obviously difficult for her to find a healthy balance between emotions and clear mind, calmness and restlessness, or between sweetness and bitterness. Not infrequently she goes overboard and is fickle in her relationships. This regularly leads to arguments that can cause worry and suffering. However, if she has found the right partner for her and the chemistry is right, then she loves extraordinarily passionately and for the long term.

Education & Profession

Their unpredictability promotes the imaginative and open nature of fig trees. They are regarded as true all-rounders.

Fig tree-born people like to use their talents and their intelligence for craftsmanship. They love to work with their hands and therefore often find themselves as craftsmen, bakers or the like. For them, theoretical work is too boring, which is why they are rarely found as academics./p>

Those who do not expect miracles can truly enjoy life with the fig tree in all its diversity.


Fig trees have the disadvantage that they often fall into self-doubt and snivelling, which makes them susceptible to depression or at least similar symptoms. For outsiders it is hardly possible to tell whether their complaints are then of a physical or mental nature. Their weak points are usually the stomach and the skin, but they also have to protect their soul, otherwise they easily fall into deep sorrow.

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