Ash Tree

An ash-tree

The Celts saw the ash tree as the "tree of reason and ambition". According to legend, in the Old Icelandic literature "Edda" the male gender was created from the tree Yggdrasil, which probably meant the ash tree.

General qualities

Ash-born quickly cast a spell on others and have a striking, impressive appearance. Although Ashes are very thoughtful beings, they are not daydreamers who live the day away. They live entirely according to the principle that strength lies in peace and quiet.


They are very expansive in appropriate situations, but never get loud or even try to undermine their environment. In order to be truly dominant, they lack the aggressiveness to use their authority to their own advantage.

The ash tree is one of the most communicative tree signs, but it does not talk in a gush. It tends to hold back and wait until you ask for its opinion and advice. However, it only expresses this opinion if it is convinced that it can name something meaningful on the subject.

Thanks to her very alert nature, she reacts intuitively and appealingly and always does what seems to be right for her, without paying attention to the comments and criticism of her surroundings. The ash enjoys great popularity and intelligence. It is also very talented and almost always a radiant being.

Profession & Education

They are happy to give their circle of friends and their partner sufficient freedom and direct their attention and ambitious concentration entirely towards their professional development. It is not uncommon for them to get lost in their work and work much more than would be good for them. As business partners, they are held in high esteem, because they always give their all, persevere and show zeal. Ashes aspire to a high level of education, independence and have a great desire for freedom.

Ashes-born people can be described as undemanding clever minds, who can often take on leading positions due to their clear way of thinking and their level-headedness. They did not acquire this position through good coaxing, but because they have actually made themselves indispensable through good work. It is easy for her to achieve ambitious goals. If she fails, however, she completely withdraws from the world and disappears from the scene.

She is often attracted to the extraordinary and loves to challenge fate. As a rule, the Ash is a peaceful and benevolent person, but she can also be selfish and force her will on others. It is not without reason that they are considered to be somewhat unusual personalities, but their character is just as charming. You can always rely on her.

Love & Family

The ash always has an open ear for her partner and is very interested in the life of her companion. It is not only in its horoscope that it is portrayed as a good partner, but also in other respects one can expect a lot from it, even if it may seem a bit cold, when it always has to look at everything objectively.


Ash-born children can generally enjoy good health and like to exercise in nature. However, they have to take very good care of their nerves, which they like to strain and overstrain with their ambition. This is therefore not always without consequences and mental or physical complaints can occur.

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