Nettle Tree

A nettle tree

Nettle trees have always been regarded as mighty and tall trees, of racy and rare beauty. Thanks to their radiance of strength and flexibility, they are considered by the Celts as "trees of confidence". The mysterious tree carries its roots deep in the dark. He has a fondness for music, theatre and art in general. Furthermore, he is up for any adventure and loves to travel.

General qualities

Although the bridle tree always longs for the greatest possible comfort, it is able to adapt perfectly to all situations in life. It is also blessed with excellent health.


Shyness is a foreign word for the nettle tree-born. He tends to look down on his fellow human beings from above. Again and again he tries to be self-confident and determined in the centre of attention and to impress his fellow men with his own personality. At the same time he is sometimes impatient and irritable. Nevertheless, thanks to his many talents, especially on a musical level, it is not difficult for him to convince with his diligence.

If he cannot reach a set goal with the hoped-for ease, his irritability and impatience becomes particularly noticeable. Especially when he lacks the recognition of others, which he would never let himself notice.

Either you're for it or against it. They do not know any possibility in between. This makes them not particularly critical and they must be careful not to deter others with their behaviour instead of impressing them.

Despite all setbacks, the bridle tree will never lose faith in itself. Thanks to his consistent manner, he successfully pursues the goals he once set for himself, even on the emotional level. He keeps his promises with iron and is also extremely reliable in other respects if he does not want to disappoint his fellow men.

It is not unusual for those born under the sign of the nettle tree to take the lead in difficult times. They can rely on their realistic assessment. Once they have taken the lead, they are reluctant to give it up again.

Love & Family

The life partner enjoys the healthy optimism of the bridle tree, which can offer him or her a firm support in life. The marsh tree also offers a great energy boost in whose shade the partner likes to rest. They are the most loyal, faithful partners one could wish for. As loyal companions they go every path together with their partner without resistance.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to satisfy a bridle, because they are quite choosy and wait their whole life for the one true love. This means that they may take quite a long time to finally commit themselves. They don't like rivals at all, which is why nettle tree-born babies tend to look for a partner they can take care of. A strong partner would be too great a challenge.

Profession & Education

Nettle tree-born are considered to be very determined and success-oriented. They also manage to make quick decisions in professional life and bravely demonstrate genuine leadership qualities.

Even if he is thirsty for adventures for which he is passionately keen, he lives a fairly normal, albeit sometimes eventful, working life. Thanks to his great optimism and drive, he manages to get promoted. He often carries out his activities in the artistically creative field.

He often pursues an artistic activity or is at least known as an art connoisseur.


Nettle tree-born children usually enjoy good health, but should still pay attention to their muscles, eyes, spine, heart and circulation.

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