Hornbeam / Ironwood

A hornbeam

The Celts planted hornbeam hedges around their estates for protection and also benefited from the hard wood. The hornbeam has always been a much sought-after tree, which is why it is also known for its good taste, honesty and raw beauty.

General qualities

Hornbeams have a blazing fire inside, but appear rather cool from the outside. It is nevertheless beautiful and can count many admirers, especially in its flowering and youth. She attaches great importance to her outer appearance, which is why she pays a lot of attention to her body and health and always proves her good taste.Social affairs


She loves to make her life as pleasant as possible, which is why she can become selfish at times. Nevertheless, she always remains extremely reasonable and can discipline herself at any time. She is known as a real rock in the surf, which you can almost never bring to your knees. This truly useful quality is not only manifested in physical exertion, but also especially in mental stress. This is why hornbeams are not daydreamers but realists who know their limits well. Even if they are considered to be very understanding and can show consideration for less intelligent people who are not always flawless, they cannot always forgive those very mistakes.

You can always rely on hornbeams and they are always there for their friends, even in bad times. For them, however, the hornbeam is often regarded as fussy and fickle.

Love & Family

Under her gauzy skin of reason and discipline, many secret desires and desires blaze. From her partner she wishes for warming security, desire and confirmation.

Born to a hornbeam, she always seeks the extraordinary and dreams of many impossibilities, which is why she is often unhappy with her feelings. She is loved by others much more often than she can love herself. However, once she has found the right partner, he or she can be happy about loving care. The hornbeam can also put her wishes on the back burner if this enables her to protect her companion better. However, its needs can also be overwhelming, which is why the life partner has to build up a strong nervous network.

Hornbeams often consider the pros and cons for too long. Their fear of being cheated on haunts them constantly, which is why they constantly believe they have made the wrong choice. This also encourages her distrust of other people.

Profession & Education

Their incredible self-discipline leads the hornbeam consistently to its goals. She has a great sense of duty and is always sincere, but also tends to exaggerate and this can put a heavy strain on her private life. Words are followed by deeds and so she does not hesitate for long, but completes her tasks immediately. She has great confidence in herself and can therefore mobilise her energies to fulfil her heart's desires.

Thanks to their excellent taste, hornbeams have a feeling for colours, proportions and creativity. She is very harmonious and musically, and even artistically talented, although this usually goes undetected. Her sense of responsibility also extends to more needy people whom she helps with deeds rather than words. It is not unusual for hornbeams to be known as environmentalists and volunteers.

The native hornbeams have a pronounced sense for colours, proportions and creativity. A deep feeling for art, music and harmony fills them. In many there is an artist who has not yet been discovered. They also have a great sense of responsibility towards less privileged people. Here, too, she prefers to provide active help rather than merely comforting people with words. That is why they are often active environmentalists and environmental fighters.


Hornbeam babies enjoy extremely stable health because they take great care of themselves and their bodies. She should only pay attention to her eyes and ears.

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