Olive Tree

An olive-tree

As a "sign of peace and wisdom", as the Celts also consider it, the olive tree (or olive tree) has always honoured us on only one day, namely on 23 September.

General qualities

Although the olive tree may seem rather unimpressive at first sight, it has its charms and is characterised by reason and balance. Such a striking appearance cannot be quickly forgotten. Under the sun and warming, genuine feelings, it blooms particularly well.


He preserves the privacy of his fellow men and does not interfere in the affairs of others. This does not mean that he is indifferent or indifferent to them, rather he tolerates his fellow men and maintains a healthy discretion, as he is easily carried away. For his friends he is an always faithful and lovable companion.

Olive tree born children are convincing by their cheerfulness, empathy, an extremely strong sense of justice and their calm vein. Thanks to these qualities, he is able to put himself in other people's shoes and thus take an interest in them. He knows how to bring harmony, peace and happiness into the homes all the time.

Love & Family

He constantly appreciates his partner's freedom, even if it sometimes hurts him. Jealousy is something he does not know or never lets it show. This is by no means a weakness of his, it is his attitude towards life.

True to the motto: "There is strength in tranquillity", he resolutely implements his goals, taking into account all the consequences that would be possible for him and his environment. Provided his partner can rely on it and trust the intuitions of the olive tree, he can be sure of a lifelong faithful companion.

Profession & Education

Olive trees love to read and broaden their horizons. They are incredibly intelligent and also like to be in the company of other bright minds. They are also not afraid to do the less popular tasks and do not complain about them. His angelic patience helps him to always keep a clear overview, even in complex and muddled situations. Since he is hardly burdened with anything else, he is an excellent advisor.


If the olive tree falls ill, it is usually plagued by rheumatism and this is a lifelong condition. A lot of rest and warmth help him. By his reasonable kind he already avoids instinctively already unnecessary excitement, stress and violence.

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