Rowan Tree / Mountain Ash

A mountain ash

The rowan tree or the mountain ash has always been a symbol of sensitivity and life. Druids as well as magicians and clairvoyants had a close relationship with it, which is why you could find it as a lucky charm and protector against misfortune in several oracle sites.

General qualities

Although the rowan appears to be a delicate creature from the outside, there is much more power and strength in it than can be assumed. Like a rock in the surf, it can withstand even the hardest blow of fate.

Behind her constant smile, there are also tears of sorrow from herself and her fellow men, which accompany her intensely. This is simply because of her lovely nature. Basically she is a very cheerful person who knows how to bring harmony in all areas of life.


Rowan-born are not egoists, but they do their best to take matters into their own hands and not just to earn looks. She likes the constant "ups and downs" in life's roller coaster, even glorifies complications and is caught between dependence and independence. Sometimes she makes situations unnecessarily worse, as she always has to "overanalyze" everything. This not only annoys her environment, but also delays important decisions.

No matter what kind of person, the rowan can deal with all fellow human beings equally well and can also survive critical situations without problems. It is usually very popular in the neighbourhood, as it is very sociable and easy to care for.

Profession & Education

Especially in the artistic field, her good taste and her empathy come into their own. But she also has a lot to offer in other areas and achieves high goals, as her diplomatic negotiating skills are often challenged. They are also considered to be real organisational talents who always keep an overview. She is always open to further training and new knowledge and soaks it up like a sponge.

Love & Family

Mountain ashes are extremely passionate in love, sometimes impetuous and spontaneous, but always very sensitive. Nevertheless, they often do not find what they are looking for and change partners more often.

She wishes for her companion only those qualities with which she herself is blessed, namely empathy, empathy, honesty and security. She feels very comfortable in pleasant company, but cannot forgive any mistakes and is more likely to separate. Her sensitive instinct could often save her from what may come. However, she does not have much confidence in herself in this respect.

If the relationship has been thrown off balance by a mistake on the part of her partner, she obviously finds it difficult to discuss the problems and feelings openly.


Rowan-born children are prone to mental problems and resulting impairments. The first signs of this can usually be seen on their sensitive skin. Rashes and itching develop.

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