The Cedar - not a tree in the Celtic horoscope?

A tall cedar

On many websites and in many books, instead of the hackberry tree, the "cedar" is given as the Celtic tree of life for the period from 02/09 to 02/18 and from 08/14 to 08/23.

Allegedly, the cedar is said to have been the tree of the enlightened. It is rightly criticized that it is strange how the cedar got into the Celtic horoscope at all. Since it cannot have been known to the Celts, this speaks naturally all the more for the fact that the Celtic horoscope was not invented by the Celts themselves, but only many years later. Of course, nobody makes a secret of this. Here it was probably simply not taken into account that the first Lebanon cedar came to Europe only in 1646 and it is therefore impossible that the Celts could have known it.

The large evergreen conifers were originally at home in the Mediterranean region, in Asia and North Africa. Today, they are also widespread in Central Europe. Depending on the area of distribution, a distinction is made between the Atlas cedar, the Himalayan cedar and the Lebanon cedar. Since the 19th century, for example, the Atlas cedar has been found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, although it originally came from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa at altitudes of 1800m.

Even if not among the Celts, the cedar has always had its place among other peoples. Thus, the Lebanon cedar was considered by the Phoenicians as the queen of the plant sign. Both with them and with the ancient Egyptians, the "sacred" cedar wood was used for shipbuilding. The Egyptians will have imported the cedars probably even specially from the Lebanon and have used also for their palaces and temples.

Even though the horoscope of the hackberry tree talks about a tall tree, the cedar can even grow twice as tall and quickly up to 40m in height in comparison. Thus, it grows even higher than the hackberry tree and has with its wide spreading branches and the broad crown an even more majestic appearance! Does this also apply to those who are born to the nettle tree, who see themselves more as a cedar and want to grow even higher than they could as a nettle tree? Here, everyone can form his own opinion.