Apple Tree

An apple tree

Allegedly the Celts called the apple tree "Quert" and it stood for the letter Q. It was one of the seven holy trees (birch, alder, willow, oak, holm oak, hazel and apple tree) and is considered by them as the symbol and sign of love.

General qualities

Although the apple tree is not particularly strongly built, it has all the more charisma and attractiveness. Its charm and attraction to the opposite sex is maintained until old age. It is also said that the apple tree is not only close to nature and tidy, it is also loving and very tolerant, because it initially always believes in the good in people and that the good defeats the evil. He is said to have a "luminosity of the soul" that stands out among the other trees. His life motto is: Live and let live! The apple-tree-born must try not to lose their kindness in our ever colder world.


Remaining realistic is the strength of the apple tree born. Since they are very open and understanding and neither argumentative nor aggressive, friends also feel comfortable in their company. They are good at putting themselves in other people's shoes and convince others with their helpfulness and can create peace and harmony in their environment. Apple tree born children seek the balance between body, mind, spirit, feeling and usually find it. In general, they need a lot of love, support and encouragement to overcome their own doubts.

Love & Family

Apple trees are blessed with empathy and a thirst for adventure all their lives, even if they are a bit primitive. They can hardly resist a nice flirt. However, if the apple tree has found a pleasant partnership, it will vehemently reject any possibility of a fling. Its greatest wish is to be loved and to love with all its heart, because that is its purpose in life. It is often very difficult for those born to apple tree not to lose their minds in the chaos of emotions. He lets himself be guided blindly by love.

Although the apple tree is quickly distracted by small love affairs, it is a very loyal and passionate partner. It is very difficult for him to be self-centered and he almost never succeeds. He has a particularly good connection to partners who know how to protect his creativity and diversity. He likes to be supported and shares his visions with his partner. In love he shows himself very self-sacrificing, kind and generous. The apple-tree-born would give his last shirt, which unfortunately is also gladly taken advantage of.

Profession & Education

Especially when choosing a job, the apple tree pays attention to a balanced relationship between creativity and emotions, which it likes to express in art. Under the right conditions they develop a unique charisma. The apple tree fulfils the perfect conditions to enter science and enjoy a high reputation. However, it can just as easily lose itself in its world of thoughts and live the day to the full.


The health of the apple trees is particularly endangered by their strong emotions, they fall ill much more often with depression. The psyche is very sensitive and it is therefore particularly important that the apple tree also pays attention to its well-being. But an apple tree born should also take care of the gastrointestinal tract and the skin.

The life of an apple tree is just very exciting and thrilling, but never quiet or boring.

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