A pine

In the Celtic horoscope, the pine tree has always been considered the tree of wisdom, vitality and immortality. It is also not unknown as "the fussy being".

General qualities

Although she also has her weaknesses, she is a tough person who can cope with greater adversity. But you still try not to make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself and make it as pleasant as possible.

Pines are anything but morning sourpusses and we are not afraid to get up earlier for a beloved sunrise. They are appreciated for their caution, foresight, care and ambition. Furthermore, they are characterized by their ambition, objectivity, skill and perpetual reliability.

There is nothing bad about them. As a rule, she gets along with everyone everywhere, which is why she can always achieve something for herself.


Self-indulgent and aware of all the stimuli, she likes to be in pleasant company. Since she herself is not endowed with much cheerfulness and carefreeness, she seeks this out from the people around her. This gives her the feeling of security and refuge.

Pine is considered a good companion and a true friend, even if she is rather reluctant to consider friendship. Pine's motto in life is "Help yourself!" Plagued by feelings of guilt, they often unnecessarily burden themselves.

With the help of their autodidactic knowledge and pronounced intelligence, they make sure that they are always in control, because they cannot cope with a loss of control. It would certainly be healthier for them if they did not always take things too seriously and could laugh even without a carefully examined reason.

Love & Family

As bright as your love may burn, the blazing flame will quickly go out again. The sensitive jaw unfortunately gives up much too quickly, which is why she has to live through one or two disappointments until she meets her soul mate.

Pine-born are far too often preoccupied with themselves, which is why it is obviously difficult for them to integrate a partner into their lives. However, if they have been able to overcome this, they can be capable of deepest love and devotion. Pines are also very faithful partners.

Profession & Education

In their work, pines can get lost and find a relaxed balance. They are valued as true organisational talents on whom you can rely even in stressful times. She secures her successes through her attitude to life and fearlessness, among other things, as long as she does not let herself be put off by other feelings that she takes very seriously. It is not in her nature to rest too long, which is why she quickly finds a new job again and again. Pine thinks rather pragmatically and does not dwell on theories.

The apparent vivacity of the pine-born is usually just a facade that they maintain to protect themselves from disappointment. Once they have found a stable environment for themselves, they dare to slowly overcome it.


Pine-born babies have to pay particular attention to their metabolism and to the important organs such as the heart, eyes, intestines, ears and bile.

The pine tree is one of the Celtic tree signs under which especially women should thrive.

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