Beech Tree

A beech-tree

The Celts revered beech as queen and mother of the forest. It is considered the "tree of waiting for spring". Furthermore, the beech tree stands for design and creativity and is assigned as a tree star sign only one day a year. According to the Celtic horoscope, you are a beech if you were born on 22.12. The beech is a strong and very resistant tree.

General qualities

Beech considers itself beautiful and noble and is always concerned with its appearance and its effect on others. It often tends to exaggerate. Its goals are wealth and happiness.

In addition, it shows great taste in all areas of life. She likes to show this by her high standard of living and her expensive clothes. At least when she has the necessary change to afford these things. However, beech-born children are nevertheless thrifty people who can get by with the available means. Due to their standard of living, however, they cannot be called stingy or wasteful contemporaries. Their life is excellently organized so that no time or things are wasted.

Although Beech-born are more practical and true-to-life oriented, they can still show a very sensitive side.


Beech-born are loyal friends and always keep their word, which is why they enjoy great popularity among their circle of friends.

Profession & Education

Beech-borns are luminaries in their field. Through their diligence and determination they develop in the shadow of their role models. Later she feels very secure in a leading position and can routinely carry out her work. Because beech is very good at making good decisions. In doing so she proceeds very carefully and does not take any unnecessary risks.

Beech-born children are materialistically inclined and often plan risky projects. In contrast to many others, however, they simply put them into practice and usually reach their goal effortlessly. For outsiders, it is easy to get the impression that they have to be extremely lucky and that their success would literally fly to them.

They are particularly suitable as social workers, security organs, lawyers, or even as pastoral workers.

Love & Family

Unfortunately, Buchen-born are not exactly known as innovative romantics. Here too, they are more the "sensible" decision-makers and not the spontaneous life partners. Whoever lives together with a beech, however, still has a splendid and tender life partner.

As far as family planning is concerned, beech also pursues its goal of a harmonious family life with determination. And if she has to wait a very long time, she always remains patient. Here too, beech must have everything that is "in": a modern house, several children, beautiful cars and always a little more luxury than is usual in its environment.

She also likes to spend her holidays with her family. The beech does not seek the great adventure of long journeys.

In later years, the beech may become a little more "adventurous" and experience a few less dangerous flirtations.


Beech is also very determined when it comes to health. Whether with a diet or strenuous endurance sports. If it is able to maintain its beauty into old age, there is hardly any way to achieve this goal.

Beech must pay particular attention to its skin, circulation, bones, shoulders and psyche.

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